4 March 2017

So, yup. Photographer, live in Bristol, moved here from Australia in 2016 (it’s so much better here) with my partner and our clowder of cats. I shoot weddings half the year, and the other half I’m on the couch trying to find the motivation to put shoes on and go outside.

I shoot on film because it’s better (it’s not really, I just like it) and have a Pinterest board here with some of the aesthetics I’m into – really I just want to work with some chilled models to make some cool images. Would love to shoot for rad publications like C-Heads and OTR but one step at a time.

My IG is here, and my email is glennweaver@gmail.com. And here’s the obligatory photo to prove I’m not a robot or a 15 year old girl pretending to be a 35 year old guy.